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Chat bot platform based on Node-REDVisually build a full featured chat bot for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa, Twilio and Viber with Node-RED.Almost no coding skills required.

Free and open source (MIT)
$ npm install -g node-red
$ cd ~/.node-red
$ npm install node-red-contrib-chatbot
$ node-red
RedBot for Node-RED is the fastest way to build and maintain a chat bot
Visual ToolBuild your chat bot visually connecting blocks like receivers, senders, messages, images, etc. without coding. Maintain and fine tuning your chat bot easily. Code once and deploy for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber, Alexa and Twilio
Node-RED flowsLet your chat bot interact with the Node-RED ecosystem: IoT, databases, external services. More than 1,000 flows and nodes are already available from the community
Mission ControlMission Control is a persistance layer and an extensible control panel to admin your chatbots: browse and edit user's details, read the message history, troubleshooting with the simulator, etc
Natural Language ProcessingBuild your chat bot using NLP.js. Extract relevant information (like numbers, email, etc.) from user's sentences easily and store in the user chat context
PluginsUse additional features installing plugins from the Plugins store or develop your own using React.
Commands, Contact Users, Kwnowledge Base and more to come in the future.
Chat elementsUse advanced chat elements like images, audio, maps, inline buttons, text-to voice, QR-codes, etc, capture user's position, image uploads, etc. with simple blocks, all without coding
Chat contextStore user information and answers into sessions. Manipulate session variable with specific nodes, in JavaScript nodes or with a Handlebars-like {{syntax}}. Choose between fast (memory) or persistent chat (SQLite) context providers or build your own
Content Managment SystemUse the built-in Content Management System to store multi-language contents, with namespaces andcustom fields to virtually store any kind of structured information and manage it directly into Mission Control
Open SourceSoon or later your chat bot must interact with the external world. That is the reason why a chat bot platform must be open source: if you need a feature, just do it or ask the community
SQLiteWith SQLite and GraphQL it's possible to programmatically manipulate your data structures in the chatbot (MC GraphQL node) or any third party system.
ExtendExtend the chat platform using Node-RED function nodes, programmatically control the flow or manipulate the user's session variables with JavaScript.
Development LifecycleUse Node-RED projects to easily deploy your chat bot to production with few clicks. With different configuration for production and development the same git-versioned code will work in both environments
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