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Access control for the chatbot. Use the configuration panel to set the chatbot public or private.

In a private chatbot, only authorized users can access it. In a public chatbot, all users can access the chatbot unless they are suspended.

Use the User panel to set the authorized or suspended flags:

Use the node as a pass-thru node: if the user is allowed to access the chatbot the flow will be redirected to the first output, otherwise the second output


1.2.0: Improved documentation

1.1.1: fixed translations and configuration not loaded properly at startup

1.1.0: added subflow status

0.9.0: authorize users

0.9.1: fix if user not found

How to install a plugin?

Installing plugins it's easy: open Mission Control ( or locally http://localhost:1880/mc) and then go to the plugins section and click on "install" (some plugins could include a Node-RED flow to import).

Be sure to enable Mission Control in RedBot / Node-RED and enable it in the bot configuration, read a complete tutorial here.

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